Bodynamic USA

The Bodynamic Institute USA, is a non-profit educational and training organization dedicated to the study and teaching of Somatic Developmental Psychology. We integrate verbal techniques with an in-depth understanding of psychological and somatic development. We teach body-centered interventions that help people recover from early developmental, attachment, and traumatic disruptions.

The goals of the Institute are achieved through the sustained development of Bodynamic Analysis, a resource-oriented type of Body Psychotherapy, based on a detailed developmental model combining motor, social, and psychological development.

We work with a specificity that includes the correlation of individual muscles with each developmental stage, and with other resources such as centering, grounding, boundaries and limit setting, etc. The work focuses on personal and social development, and can include the spiritual dimension of life.

This developmental approach emphasizes transforming old and persistent patterns through the training and activation of motor and psychological resources. Bodynamic Analysis also recognizes the effects of trauma on the body, and has developed a unique and effective way of undoing frozen traumatic patterns.

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