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This documentation has the following structure:

In the first chapter we give a presentation of The Bodynamic SYSTEM, the theory and the most important working models etc. This part is based on our application for recognition which was addressed to the EABP, and now has been slightly corrected, extended and updated.

In the next (and second) chapter we address question no. 15 stated by EAP, the question directly concerning scientific validation. This part too, is an extended and updated reformulation of our answer on this subject from our application for recognition addressed to the EABP.

In the third chapter we address the first 14 questions stated by EAP, partly extensively, partly shortly, with some referring back to previous paragraphs in order to avoid repetition.

The fourth part is a print of our bibliography: A list of what is written about Bodynamic Analysis.

Beside this we kindly ask you to go on the Internet and search the name Lisbeth Marcher (as the leading Bodynamic theory-maker) and see that her name is mentioned close to 200 times in connection to many other people and systems. Of course there are also other books where the system and Lisbeth Marchers name is included and where she is thanked for her influence - e.g. chief psychologist Lars Sorensen at the Hospital in Nykøbing Sjælland, Denmark, Ole Vedfeldt, Denmark, Jungian psychoanalyst and author of two books dealing with consciousness (also translated into English) and finally the spiritual teacher Jes Bertelsen, Denmark, who also mentions Lisbeth Marcher in one of his latest books (in Danish).

We also want to refer to the WEB-sites of our North American sister institutes where especially the USA-site is very large and impressive:

Our Danish WEB-site is now open, but only in danish

The fifth and final part contains a list of the congresses we have attended and also those we have conducted at The Bodynamic Institute. This part also includes a list of trainers mentioned in the congress list.

As an appendix we have included a selection of Bodynamic working models

This report is written and edited by Lennart Ollars in cooperation with Lisbeth Marcher, (founder of The Bodynamic (Analysis) SYSTEM) and several other CO-founders of the System and senior members of the Danish Institute: Bodynamic International ApS. (Erik Jarlnaes, Merete Holm Brantbjerg, Ditte Marcher and Steen Jörgensen).

Lisbeth Marcher Lennart Ollars Erik Jarlnaes MAY 2001

Lisbeth Marcher has been a leading force in developing the Bodynamic System since 1970, she has had teaching assignments at many Universities, worked as a consultant in the business world, been a guest teacher at Esalen Institute, California, USA, etc.

Lennart Ollars is Co-founder and former senior trainer and member of Bodynamic Institute. Now a guest trainer with The Bodynamic International ApS. University educated psychologist and a recognized specialist and supervisor in psychotherapy within the Danish Psychological Association.

Lennart Ollars is primarily working as a guest-professor at the University of Århus, Denmark, and has for the last year been member of a committee in The Danish Psychologists Association working on the issue of scientific validation of psychotheraputic practice and education.

The other members have been part of the development since the mid-seventies and the beginning of the 1980´s.



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