Modalities and submodalities of psychotherapy

We regard body psychotherapy in total as a mainstream within psychotherapy. We find it reasonable to consider body psychotherapy as a mainstream of psychotherapy, just as well as cognitive / behavioral psychotherapy, family oriented and systemic psychotherapy, psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapy etc. ALL of these are considered mainstreams - although this way of categorizing the field of psychotherapy can certainly be discussed.

To give an example of our own: THE Bodynamic SYSTEM (Analysis) certainly takes into account everyday human behavior, as well as the actual social networks, the cognitive-behavioral skills and characteristics and the psychodynamic development of the individual, as crucial points of focus in the therapeutic process, together with the knowledge about how this process is integrated in the perceptual-motor development. This means that the Bodynamic System spans many of the accepted psychological mainstreams - BUT we also emphasize a body related approach to working with and understanding our clients and students.

In our opinion it is not quite as reasonable to talk about any of the different specific body psychotherapeutic ways of understanding and working as mainstreams of psychotherapy. Each of the 4 or 5 or more distinguishably different approaches to body psychotherapy should, in our opinion, be considered as submodalities of body psychotherapy, or as substreams but not mainstreams of psychotherapy.

Unfortunately there is no consensus on this field. There is no mutually shared understanding among body psychotherapists or other psychotherapists of whether body psychotherapeutic approaches deserve to be mentioned as specific and distinguishable submodalities of body psychotherapy.

No wonder, one might say, as even the more well established and recognized modes of psychotherapy are still having a hard time in entering into a genuine dialogue amongst themselves.



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