Preamble: Introductory remarks

We are asking for a scientific validation of The Bodynamic System. We alternate between calling it The Bodynamic System (Analysis), The Bodynamic Analysis, Bodynamic Analysis and The Bodynamic System. It is the same, but occurs owing to a recent name change from Analysis to System, which signals that our System includes so many models and concepts, and that we traverse (go across) officially recognized boundaries between different professional disciplines.

We recognize the importance of a scientific validation of body psychotherapy as a mainstream (modality) of psychotherapy in general, although an understanding of the body as a part of mans' being, as a psycho-socio-physical entity, has historical roots to the very beginning of psychology and psychotherapy as we know it from the work of among others: William James, Pierre Janet, Sandor Ferenczi and Wilhelm Reich. However, we are also aware that this history has its roots all the way back in the Greek psycho-physiological way of characterizing people.

Consequently, we have actively participated in the work done by EABP concerning the scientific validation of Body Psychotherapy in general.

It is our opinion that this documentation offers a great deal of background material and information. Much of what is said in this material relates to the background of The Bodynamic SYSTEM (Analysis).

Additionally we have also documented what we regard as teaching and practicing a form of psychotherapy, and also documented the scientific validation of our work, as far as this is possible, bearing in mind the concept of science and scientific validity's complexity.

Before entering this documentation directly, we would first like in this foreword or preamble to share some of our thoughts about modalities versus sub-modalities, psychotherapy versus bodywork and finally, the concept of science and the quest to validate psychotherapy scientifically.



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