Scientific validation of The Bodynamic System (a psycho-motor developmental psychotherapy) - additional to the EABP scientific validation of Body Psychotherapy

Lisbeth Marcher, Lennart Ollars and Erik Jarlnaes (eds.)

June 2001, Copenhagen, Denmark

Answering 15 questions as agreed upon between EAP and EABP.


The Bodynamic System

A psychomotor developmental psychotherapy


Preamble: Introductory remarks

Chapter 1: Presentation of the Bodynamic System

Chapter 2: Scientific validation of The Bodynamic System answering question no. 15 as stated by the EAP

Chapter 3: Scientific validation of the Bodynamic System: answering questions 1-14 as stated by the EAP

Part 4: Bibliography concerning The Bodynamic System

Part 5: List of congresses attended by Bodynamic members

Names and short presentation of trainers mentioned


Appendix: A collection of Bodynamic working models



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